I’ve got this empty feeling, deep down. That wont go away. & I’ve tried to make reason to discover the cause, the tigger the moment in the last few days that’s creating this pain. I woke this morning straight to tears. The frustration of feeling this way, attempting to distract myself, but no matter how […]

I felt this needed sharing to here. I’ve woke up this morning and this conversation last night was one of the first thing I thought about. So I’ve decided it’s something I’m going to talk about more. To get this awareness out how the suffer feels and to stop this blind, shallow way of thinking. […]

Self loathing

The self hatred, the suffering, the self inflicted pains, and I know this sounds absolutely stupid but I find it pleasuring. I have developed a habit of hearing my head say “we can’t do today” but I know I cant let myself down again. So I give myself one quick surface slice and for some […]