First off, lets not beat around a bush or anything. Most of this will be an account of how shit things are & (hopefully some good moments). My spelling and general writing skills are next to non, so bare with me on that front.

I have a history filled with depression, addiction, anxiety, self-harm, bi-polar. treatments; medication and therapy’s. I hear 3 separate voices which do have names. They currently saying I have BPD but they change my diagnosis too much for me too keep up. I also suffer from a condition called psychogenic non epileptic seizures which are usually stress and depression related. It’s been long, emotional, and draining, but I’m still here fighting. I’ve finally started to acknowledge some of the things I have in the past rejected and blown away, in the hope it will disappear (guess that made me worse) but this last few months I’ve come to realize that, it takes a long time to admit your problems, even when I have openly admitted parts of my mental health for years but refused to even consider some of the more damaging things, but you can’t recover if you don’t want to. So here goes, my attempt to admit, acknowledge, tackle, document, and hopefully overcome.