I’m really struggling with this thing in me head. Theres more of that than there is of me rn. I’ve tried to fight an i won the him wanting me dead battle, but i dunno if i can keep fighting his strength of control. His want to be me and not me. I don’t even think that makes sense. But i think what im trying to say is maybe its a good idea for me to let him have control let him do me an make my moves and be sorry to anyone he hurts on his way is the best way for me now? Just pray i get out the other end and people can forgive?


2 thoughts on “Control.

  1. Stay strong. Use your medication and regain control. Yes, some people are willing to forgive, but if we let ourselves lose control then we sometimes step too far over the line.
    And once we do that, we can’t always step back.


    1. Thank you for that advice. I’m struggling to cope and i feel like taking a back seat would be the right answer around now? He’s happy if he can control and i don’t know how else to please him enough. But i am gonna try to continue the fight.

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